Jun. 2nd, 2014

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I posted some stuff on tumblr about what assets Steve Rogers might have had waiting for him when he woke up - specifically, on MIA/POW back pay and on intellectual property/royalties.

How Steve Rogers has a crapton of money.

I was going to write it up for this community after I'd done some slightly more rigorous research to ensure that I wasn't just talking out my ears, but I got really stuck on the question of whether Steve would have been legally dead or not.

He would have been still listed by the Army as MIA rather than KIA - that's pretty clear (and I've been struck by a sudden interest in the way Steve and Bucky's stories were used by MIA/POW activists, communities, and survivors) but found it surprisingly hard to find information on how likely it is for an MIA servicemember to be declared dead while still MIA, especially if there are no surviving family members to complicate things. I've seen contradictory stuff about whether what's necessary is "no evidence of survival" or "credible evidence of death", and very little about how those have been applied in practice, especially given that procedures have changed many times over the seventy years that Cap would have been MIA.

Has anybody already done the research on MCU Cap's probable legal status? Or happens to be an expert on the law around MIA? I'd love to get better answers on this (also love any corrections to what I put in the tumblr post.)


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