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My suggested tagging scheme, the idea being to limit the number of tags (make them mod-creation-only) in order to increase the utility of tags for indexing.  This should be considered very much a rough draft at the moment.

  • Era: 
    • 1930s
    • 1940s
    • etc.
  • Context:
    • Inequality & isms
      • Race
      • Gender
      • Queer History
    • Technology
    • Culture & Arts
    • Civilian Life
    • Army Life
  • Atualfax History
  • Special Marvel "History"
    • Marvel Cinematic Universe
    • Marvel Comics
  • Geographical Context
    • America
    • Britain
    • France
    • (other allies as needed?)
    • Pacific Theatre
    • Eastern Front
      • Specific actions as needed(?)
  • Vitalstatistics
    • Steve
    • Etc.

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I do not consider myself to be well versed in history, but I do consider myself moderately experienced in running a community, so here are my suggested rules. Your input at this stage is welcome.
  1. Posts should stay on topic. (Comments are welcome to wander.)
    A post is on topic if it deals directly or indirectly with the historical era from 1915 to 1945. This era can be either within actualfax history, or special Marvel "history," but if it's the latter, please take care to specify. A certain amount of flexibility will be permitted, since history does not nicely segment itself.  Use your judgment, final authority rests with mods.
  2. If you think it's relevant to rec fic or fanart or vids here, that's fine, with the single rule that you cannot rec stuff that you produced yourself.
  3. Please tag your posts! The idea of this community is that it will be a resource, as well source of awesome.  See next post for discussion of tags.
  4. Please source your research!  I don't care if you use APA or Chicago, or geotag it, but someone with an internet connection should be able to figure out where you got whatever you're citing, even if they can't find the physical object themselves, or the source is "My grandma once said."
  5. When linking to or including period materials that are racist, or otherwise offensive, please warn, or place behind a cut.  No one needs to be insulted first thing in the morning while browsing their reading list.
  6. Don't be creepy.
    Please don't go around fetishizing either the victims or perpetrators of genocide in this space until you have obtained bystander consent from the entire internet.  (I hope this won't come up.)
Specific questions: 
Should I try to make this comm more accessible to other WWII-era fandoms?  More research=more awesome!
Your thoughts?

ETA: I don't want to pretend that the racism of the era didn't exist, but I think any such material should have a warning so people can decide whether or not to expose themselves.


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