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The Boo-Hooray Gallery on Canal St. is hosting an exhibit of selected items from collector Harry Weintraub's 100,000+ collection of pre-Stonewall queer ephemera.

ARTICLE: Now on View: The Best of 10,000 Old Gay Photos, Ephemera

Too late for my story "More Man than You" but if anyone else is in the area and working on a "gay!Steve in the 30s/40s" story, this would probably worth a visit! I wish I could go anyway. :(
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I was looking around for photos of New York City in the '30's, and discovered that the NYPL has 344 images online from their collection of photos taken by Berenice Abbot as a WPA/Federal Art Project. These are generally documented with the date they were taken and exact street addresses or cross streets, so their location should be easy to identify with Google Maps, if you're not sure what part of the city any image is from. Most of the photos are of Manhattan, but around page six there start to be shots taken in Brooklyn as well.

There's a lot more background on at the NYPL's page for the digital collection. The photos are available through the "Collection Contents" link on that page.


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