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The Boo-Hooray Gallery on Canal St. is hosting an exhibit of selected items from collector Harry Weintraub's 100,000+ collection of pre-Stonewall queer ephemera.

ARTICLE: Now on View: The Best of 10,000 Old Gay Photos, Ephemera

Too late for my story "More Man than You" but if anyone else is in the area and working on a "gay!Steve in the 30s/40s" story, this would probably worth a visit! I wish I could go anyway. :(
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Ancestry.com has just unveiled a fun little toy based on the recently-released 1940 U.S. census data. You put in some basic information and they give you a tour of what your life might have been like in 1940. It is a good little context refresher.


There's no need to have an ancestry.com account. They ask for your name (the graphics insert your name into things in the tour, to personalize it) and they do ask for an email address. I can't swear to what they will do with that email address, but so far I have not found them to be evil, just commercial. Anyway, they also ask you for the name of an ancestor who might have been alive in 1940. At first that put me off, because I was trying to set up Steve Rogers, but it turns out all they do is, at the end, offer to search the 1940 census for your ancestor for you. ::shrug:: So just put in anything. It really is kind of fun.


Hmm, maybe an appropriate tag would be context:daily life. Or context:civilian life, which was proposed in the tagging post.

EDIT March, 2013: They've taken the time machine down, so now the above links just take you to ancestry.com.
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I was rewatching Avengers and it occurred to me to wonder why Captain America, of all people, showed any outrage on discovering that SHIELD was trying to create weaponry out of tesseract technology. Stark, yes, we know about his about-face wrt selling weapons technology. Banner spent a lot of time trying not to be a weapon for the U.S. military, so he makes sense, too. But Captain America was involved in a nearly-global conflict where superior technology was coveted and prized and it wasn't at all obvious that the good guys were going to win. I now blink at that scene where he slams some gun-thing down on the table and confronts Fury with what Phase Two was. I'm really not convinced he should be that upset.

On an unrelated note, it appears that plastic didn't have widespread use until the 1950s. So Cap came from a world before plastic. FWIW.

Source: https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=114331762

Could I have a "context:technology" tag?
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I recently wrote two posts on the historical and canonical evidence for Steve's attitudes about race, sex/gender, and homosexuality:

Racial integration in Captain America: The First Avenger

Sexism, homophobia, and Steve Rogers

Discussion very much welcomed. Also, links that might be of use for writing Steve fic:
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I was looking around for photos of New York City in the '30's, and discovered that the NYPL has 344 images online from their collection of photos taken by Berenice Abbot as a WPA/Federal Art Project. These are generally documented with the date they were taken and exact street addresses or cross streets, so their location should be easy to identify with Google Maps, if you're not sure what part of the city any image is from. Most of the photos are of Manhattan, but around page six there start to be shots taken in Brooklyn as well.

There's a lot more background on at the NYPL's page for the digital collection. The photos are available through the "Collection Contents" link on that page.


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