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The Big Broadcast, which is a local radio show that re-broadcasts very old radio, just had its annual D-Day special - two and half hours of curated live American news broadcasts from the day of, and days just after, the invasion of Europe. I listened to it and it's great for both getting an idea of what the war would have felt like from the home front, and for showing that live news broadcasts have only gotten *slightly* more annoying over the past seventy years. :)

(I kid, some of the reports were actually really really good - the lack of pictures meant that a lot of the reporters do a much more narrative account; there was one from somebody who was embedded on the first plane of paratroopers that had me holding my breath.

...on the other hand the guy who went around doing live man-on-the-street reaction interviews in London was exactly as terribly content-less as the modern version.)

It's up for free streaming on the WAMU website, but only until the end of the week, so listen now if you're interested!

(The Big Broadcast in general is a really good resource for anyone interested in 40s/50s American pop culture - I catch it whenever I can - but most of their usual content is post-1945)

Date: 2012-06-18 01:10 am (UTC)
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That was very cool. Thanks!


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